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Inforlandia developed several brands wish have became innovation leaders in their target markets.


For over 15 years the computer brand name INSYS has been one of the leaders in its sector. It offers a wide variety of innovating IT equipment, which relies on only superior quality. This innovation in its production permitted INSYS to build its own capital and turning itself into a trustworthy brand.

The solutions developed by INSYS have earned its way through various awards and distinctions from the technological community and media, this acknowledgement sets new standards for better techniques.

In fact, INSYS occupies third place in the Portuguese market for personal computers, with 12.9% market share (fonte: IDC EMEA PC Traker – Q2 de 2009) being the only Portuguese computer brand that participates in the governmental program named:”E-Escolas”, with TMN (Nº1 Portuguese Mobile Telecommunication Service).

Main innovations developed by INSYS:

Receiving the Award for the Worlds First Personalized Manufacturing Program

First Laptop specialized prepared for the senior population

First laptop with an internal 3G for the wide public

Development of the INSYS Recovery System

First laptop with 3-D vision using NVIDIA GTX285M

INSYS includes in its portfolio a vast variety of personal and business computers, including servers, desktops, notebooks, laptops, e-books and media centers. Computer notebooks represent a large volume in the business area, and INSYS represents a wide variety of notebooks adapted for each need, with the distinction for those specially designed for more demanding performances.  INSYS has achieved many awards for Best Performance, attributed by comparative testes realized by the most prestige’s magazines of the area of expertise, for example, the award Best Performance for the notebook INSYS W9870CU, attributed by Exame Informática, issue: February 2010.


Developed by INSYS, the Brand Art Concept, was won the Intel Channel Innovation Awards 2010, the competition awards the most innovative and functional solution or service based on Intel architecture and the winner solution for Portugal is Brand Art Concept - BAC.

The Brand Art Concept o­ffers to any organization the ability to communicate its brand through an innovating, unique and e­ffective way.

Laptops are present in every moment of organizations lives. The Brand Art Concept allows integrating customized design, with photographic quality, on the outside of laptops making them key elements of the corporate image of any company.

INSYS invites all companies to promote their brands instead of any computer brand. In order to turn the laptops used by organizations into true premium marketing vehicles with unique cognitive focus.

Full customization

Hardware – INSYS invested, through international partnership, in proprietary thermal printing technology which allows unlimited designs, with di­fferent textures, including 3D, allowing minimum volumes and lead times and full customization possibilities, with your brand image.

Firmware – INSYS customizes the firmware of your computers, adapting it to your company brand, o­ffering the unique INSYS RECOVERY System, creating a relevant safety factor.

Software – INSYS customizes, one by one, the factory software image and generates the factory image auto-install application (links, wallpaper, homepages, virtual CD’s, content…).

INSYS suggests di­fferent investment vectors available with Brand Art Concept, e.g.:

Corporate image wise, customizing the laptops used by the organization in communication and marketing activities, promoting your brand instead of the computer brand;

Social wise, applying part of your marketing budget to customize and sponsor the purchase of the laptops by your staff­, promoting corporate identity and making a greater number of these marketing vehicles circulating;

Partnership wise, as a way to create commitment, sponsoring the purchase of laptops by partners, promoting your brand themselves.

Introduce us to your Marketing Director or your Human Resources Director and we will gladly present, personally, our Value O­ffer.

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