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Two decades of success

Founded in 1990, Inforlandia Lda, is part of the Portuguese economic group known as VAGA SGPS.

The company has an Owners Capital reaching 5.000.000 USD (3.5MM Eur), empowering it with the necessary financial strength needed to face the uncertainties of a challenging environment.

Inforlandia is today one of the main IT companies in Portugal, specializing in the manufacture / assembly of computers, assuming the responsibility of being the biggest manufacturer of notebook computers in South Europe (Gartner data).

Inforlandia has its factory for the production and assembly of its products and brands located in Aveiro, as also the main warehouse and headquarters. Sales offices are located in Lisbon and Aveiro, enabling it to span its reach over the whole country. The company develops its business through 4 main strategic business areas which are all based on, or related to, their area of production and assembly of computers.

INSYS computers, developed and manufactured by Inforlandia, are an important reference in the South European market, offering a vast portfolio of solutions: desktop, notebooks, servers, Media-Centers and LCD-TV´s.

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