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Values and Mission



To be an important reference in the Information Technology market in South Europe.

To have the capacity to reach and exceed our challenges, believing in our capacities and core competencies. To pursue with commitment our objectives, acting with integrity.


To develop permanently solutions that crave to the creativity and entrepreneurship, based on our technological know-how.

Care to Client

Interact permanently with our clients, trying to understand what they want and what they think. We develop products, services and quality solutions that add value to each of our clients.

Care to People

We act transparently and with respect to the ethical principles of the market and society. Our teams act based on principles of loyalty, professionalism and honesty. We leverage the capabilities of our professionals and value their ideas and initiatives.

Care to Business

We look to maximize our profitability to, consistently, sustain our growth and accomplish our mission, securing an adequate return to our investors. We strive to permanently increase our solidity and economic sustainability.


Inforlandia has a mission to satisfy the desires of its clients, by providing products of Quality at the most competitive price and an exemplar service, as a way to reach an adequate return on the invested capital.  

Inforlandia strives actively to create innovative products, services and solutions to fully satisfy the needs of its markets and to generate a superior economic value.

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